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A better view of Europe: the European Rail Timetable

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Want to find out about what’s new in Europe’s summer rail schedules? Then just head for the June issue of the European Rail Timetable which is published this week. The timetable is published monthly, and for regular rail travellers an annual subscription really makes sense.

In addition to the twelve monthly issues of the European Rail Timetable each year, there are also two special seasonal editions. For those who don’t want to invest in a sub, these seasonal editions are a good choice. Those summer and winter timetable editions capture the two key timetable changes of the year — which take place in many European countries in mid-June and mid-December. Not every country conforms to those precise mid-June and mid-December dates for changing timetables. In Britain, for example, summer schedules started on 17 May.

So as well as the regular monthly issue for June 2015, the Summer 2015 European Rail Timetable is also published this week. The seasonal editions carry additional material not found in the monthly timetables. They feature a good selection of current timetables from around the world — so the seasonal editions are good for roaming well beyond Europe. The seasonal editions also include lots of hard practical information for rail travellers with details of rail passes, embassy contacts, tourist offices, etc.

Both the June 2015 European Rail Timetable and the Summer 2015 seasonal edition can now be ordered. Copies will be despatched at the end of this week.

Both books are masterpieces of compression. Even in a web-wise world, a printed timetable is an essential part of the rail traveller’s armamentarium. Websites may be good at answering the question “How do I get from A to B?”, but the European Rail Timetable reveals a higher order of knowledge. It allows us to discern the pattern of rail services on any given route. And with time users of the timetable develop a good appreciation of network connectivity across Europe. In a word, the European Rail Timetable gives a view of Europe which is not matched by any website.

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