Routes covering country: Sweden

Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide
This journey starts in northern Sweden and tracks around the northern edge of the Gulf of Bothnia to reach Finnish territory. On the long journey south, we take in Finland’s three largest provincial cities (Tampere, Oulu and Turku).
Route 51 in Europe by Rail takes readers on an adventurous journey through recent European history, one that along the way takes in some serenely beautiful landscapes. This combined train and ferry route starts in Finland and end up in Norway.
This journey in Europe by Rail takes us right across southern Scandinavia – from Danish Jutland (a long peninsula attached to the European mainland) over a medley of Danish islands and on to Sweden.
Route 30 in Europe by Rail is a trip from Copenhagen to Bergen via Oslo. It is a journey of extremely varied character. Along the way we pass Göteborg from where there's a wonderful rural rail route around Lake Vänern.
The overnight journey to Swedish Lapland we describe in Route 32 of Europe by Rail is worth doing in one long hop. Most places of real interest lie beyond Kiruna – in the final three hours of the journey.