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Archive: 2021
published on 11 October 2021
Each year in early autumn, rail operators across Europe unveil details of new services, and then release tickets for beyond the date of the timetable change in mid-December. We take a look at ticket release dates for train services from mid-December 2021 on into early 2022.
published on 10 October 2021
Bookings open on 13 October for early 2022 train travel in Germany. Here's a sneak preview of what to expect in the new Deutsche Bahn rail timetable that will come into effect on Sunday 12 December 2021. The accent in the 2022 rail schedules for Germany is on speed, connectivity and comfort.
published on 1 September 2021
As high-speed lines go, the Paris to Lyon route (LGV Sud-Est) is actually very attractive. Part of its appeal is that it doesn’t tussle with the landscape in the way that some new-build high-speed routes do. We recall the opening of France first high-speed railway line forty years ago in 1981.
Practical Info
published on 24 August 2021
We spell out some of the special ferry and shipping concessions available for Interrail and Eurail pass holders. These benefits can be a real perk on your journey, but holders of a flexi pass need to be aware of a few rules.
published on 31 May 2021
New train services have been launched to the Italian city of Trieste. In late May, private operator NTV Italo introduced a direct train from Trieste to Naples and there's a new Eurocity service from Trieste to Vienna on offer from mid-June 2021.
published on 29 May 2021
This past week has seen new direct overnight services on three key routes, one a French domestic service and the other two both international routes. We'll take a closer look at the offer which brings new night trains to Nice, Split and Amsterdam.
Practical Info
published on 18 May 2021
Milan, Budapest and Berlin are spots where hapless travellers are prone to make for the wrong station, but of course it can happen in any city with multiple stations, and particularly where visitors are perhaps not familiar with the local geography and the various station names. And a last-minute change of departure station can and does happen.
published on 1 May 2021
We count it as a great privilege to have been allowed to publish each monthly Newslines column from the European Rail Timetable (ERT) on this website. It was ten years ago today that we received that permission from the then publishers of the timetable. We take a moment to delve back into ERT history.
published on 5 April 2021
We take a look at recent books by travel writers Tom Chesshyre and Vitali Vitaliev, both of whom are keen rail travellers. Each writer shows a strong focus on journeys, rather than just emphasising the destination.
Practical Info
published on 13 March 2021
In this post for European Rail News and Notes we take a look at the Eurail / Interrail Rail Planner app which has long been an asset for pass holders looking to plan trips, but which now is an essential tool for anyone keen on using the new Interrail and Eurail mobile passes.
Practical Info
published on 2 March 2021
The very first double-deck IC2 trains to appear in Germany were loco-hauled electric trains manufactured by Bombardier. Since then, a second IC2 model has emerged in the shape of the Standler Kiss unit. In this post, we take a look at both types of IC2 train.
published on 16 February 2021
The construction of the railway up to the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland's Bernese Alps began in 1896. It was then that an opening, covered by a wooden door, was created in one of the railway tunnels in order to clear debris generated during the tunnel's construction. This door to the Eiger later proved vital in a number of rescue missions to save climbers attempting the ascent of the Eiger's North Face.
published on 12 February 2021
Engineering work on the line between Bologna and Florence, where the overnight ÖBB sleeper services to Rome and Livorno are routinely routed via the 18-km long Appennino Tunnel, means diversions on some days. So some Italian cities, not normally served by Nightjet services, will benefit from an occasional direct overnight train to Vienna or Munich.
published on 24 January 2021
Baltic ferry operator Tallink retires its route from Riga to Stockholm, which is an essential part of Route 51 in the Europe by Rail guidebook. The connection can still be made by travelling by ferry via Helsinki, but that takes a lot longer. Or there is a useful alternative via Stena Line's Ventspils to Nynäshamn ferry route.
Practical Info
published on 22 January 2021
The COVID pandemic has made some ferry companies rethink the whole issue of conveying foot passengers (ie. those travelling without cars). Since 1 January 2021 it is simply no longer possible to travel without a vehicle by ferry on the busy short-sea route from Calais to Dover.
published on 17 January 2021
Looking back on past train journeys, we often think of a trip as being indelibly associated with a particular book. Paul Scraton recalls some of the volumes which he has taken along on a train ride.